Hearts Ignited: “Josiah’s Fire” Book Review

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  I was browsing through my Facebook feed several months ago and saw a message that caught my eye. It was only about two or three sentences long, but what it said was very profound and full of godly wisdom. … Continued

Saying Hello to Autumn

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Spring is definitely my favorite time of year because it always thrills my heart to see new life springing forth after a usually cold and bleak winter — and several weeks of cabin fever. My next favorite season would have … Continued

Bell’s Palsy: The Gift of a Crooked Smile

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On July 12, 2015, I was getting dressed and ready to attend a family birthday party not knowing that my life was about to change. Three days earlier, I had begun to notice an odd sensation along the right side … Continued

Beauty from the Ashes of a Wildfire

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  During the years that I spent as a seller on Etsy, I met a wonderful woman named Donna Sellers who contacted me to create a sign for her craft business, Art From the Cabin. What we did not know … Continued

Lady Potters Know How to Throw Like a Girl

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I know that not so deep down inside me somewhere is a potter waiting to emerge. I’ve had a few clues throughout my lifetime that tell me this. The first clue came when I was living on the island of … Continued

New E-Book Tutorial for Gourd Sculpture Enthusiasts

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I have been sculpting gourds only since 2013, and my very first attempt came about when my sister — who dearly loves roosters — challenged me to turn one of the gourds into a chicken. I was not as practiced … Continued

Getting Situated… and Affiliated

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Featured from Black Forest Decor Black Forest Decor is probably one of the best sources for cabin décor that exists on the internet. They carry everything from bedding to furniture – plus all of the little knick knacks that help … Continued

Movie Review: The Cokeville Miracle

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I was browsing through Amazon’s instant video selections in recent days — looking for something to watch on my laptop computer while hubby was watching the NASCAR Races on TV — and stumbled upon “The Cokeville Miracle.” I enjoy watching … Continued

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