Susan, right, with her husband and son at the Woodland Ramble Festival in 2016

Hello, I am Susan Williams — owner of The Laughing Cabin, LLC, which is located in the foothills of the northeast Georgia mountains.

Yes, I do actually live in a cabin along with my husband and our two dogs. The cabin that we live in is the same one you see in our logo and in the photos on this page.

Next door to our cabin is a building that houses the office of our family’s HVAC service company where I work as the administrator, dispatcher and bookkeeper.

In the same building is my workshop where I spend time each day making gourd sculptures and other creative projects. What I love best — besides that fact that I have the awesome privilege of working with members of my own family — is that my daily commute to work is the 30 feet it takes to walk from my back door. Woot! And the view is spectacular!

It’s the coziness of the cabin, the beauty of the surroundings — and the love and joy that resides here — that inspired me to use the name The Laughing Cabin. It somehow fits.

My paternal grandmother introduced me to Worden’s World of Crafts when I was ten years old, and that’s when I knew that crafting in its various forms would always be part of my life.

It wasn’t until my four children were grown that I began to more fully explore my creative interests. I started by painting and began to experiment with different wood surfaces.

My home and cabin in the woods -- the real Laughing Cabin.
My home and cabin in the woods — the real Laughing Cabin.

When my husband saw my desire to create my own designs, he bought a scroll saw for me and taught me how to use it. I began making and painting so many wood projects that this eventually led me to become a vendor at local craft fairs and festivals.

During our travels one day, we came upon a road side produce stand that was offering gourds for sale. They immediately caught my attention, and I brought a few home to see what I could make with them. I started by painting designs directly onto the gourds and then began to experiment with wood burning techniques.

It wasn’t until I discovered the use of epoxy clay for sculpting that my creativity with gourds began to explode. This led to the creation of my first hand-sculpted gourd that I gave to my sister who made a special request for me to make it into a chicken. This is how the chicken gourds that you see in the photos on my blog and Facebook page came into being.

Over the years, the chicken gourds have made their way to the Georgia Artisan Center in Perry, Georgia, and North Georgia Cabin Resources in Helen as well as the various local festivals in north Georgia. Not to mention the many places they have traveled to become welcomed additions to customers’ homes all throughout the United States. The chicken gourd sculptures are currently available at Nora Mill General Store in Cleveland, Georgia.

dscf1287I enjoy supporting and promoting handmade in the U.S.A. artisans and their products and have been accepted as an affiliate for Etsy. This allows me to carefully curate handmade items to share with you and bring attention to artisans who are well deserving of the promotional attention. You can learn more about my affiliate associations by reading the DISCLOSURE page.

If you had not already guessed by now, I am also a writer. I truly enjoy encouraging others through the written word and sharing my heart of love for Jesus Christ through many of the posts that appear on this blog. I often feel as though writing is somewhat like painting, but with words instead of colors. I once heard it said that when we do something we enjoy, we are participating in an act of worship. I believe this to be true because any time that I am painting, sculpting or writing, I will often feel the very presence of God. It’s like having the most wonderful friend, companion and play mate Who enjoys creating right along with me. As you follow along with this blog, I would not be surprised if you catch a glimpse of Jesus here and there because His hand is in everything that I do.

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