Look What the Easter Bunny Brought!

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One of the things my children loved to hear when they would wake up on Easter morning was, “Look what the Easter bunny brought!” I still love the memories those words bring to mind because I loved our family traditions —  like Easter egg hunts, coloring eggs, going to church in our Sunday best and enjoying a family dinner of ham and raisin sauce and all the fixin’s.

One year, we had planned a vacation trip to the mountains during Easter week. Our two youngest sons were very concerned that the Easter bunny would not be able to find them if they were not home. What they did not know is that we had already planned ahead, and they woke up on Easter morning to what was, for them, a wondrous surprise. They were SO amazed that the Easter bunny knew where to find them. It is still a favorite memory for all of us to this day.

I suppose this is why I love the spring season so much, and I especially love bringing you some delightful items to help you welcome spring. I hope you enjoy looking and find something new for keeping or gifting. ~ Susan




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