Spring 2017 News & Events

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Nora Mill General Store in Cleveland, Georgia. Photo by S.R. Williams.


The Chickens Have Arrived at Nora Mill General Store

If you ever traveled through Helen, Georgia, you may have noticed Nora Mill Granary located on the southern side of town on Hwy 17. It is an old grist mill that sits next to the Chattahoochee River and it’s still in operation today. It’s where you will find some of the best freshly ground flour, cornmeal and other kitchen staples — and where you will find kitchen gadgets and collectibles, enamelware dishes, and a large assortment of homemade jams, jellies, syrups and old-fashioned candies. It is a must-see for tourists traveling through the region and a favorite of locals who are regular customers.

Several years ago, Nora Mill opened a general store across the street from the Mill. The owners saw photos of my chicken gourds circulating on Facebook and invited me to sell them in their store. I was definitely excited about it, and not long afterward, my chicken gourds made their first appearance and became instant favorites of the Store’s customers.

It was also a special thrill, last year, to see one of my chickens featured in a billboard advertisement for Nora Mill. My husband and youngest son were driving down the road and spotted it. They quickly turned around to take a second look, and managed to get this photograph, below. I had to laugh because the chicken on the billboard is so small when you’re driving past, that they literally had to have eagle-eyed vision to spot it going 45 mph down the road. I’ve added a red arrow to show you what I mean — the chicken is not so easy to spot without it:

A few months ago, Nora Mill General Store made the move to a new location on the Cleveland Square (Cleveland, Georgia) which put them 10 miles closer and right in my back yard, so to speak. Last week, my chicken gourds were given a place in the new Store and will once again be strutting their stuff for Nora Mill General Store’s customers.

The next time you’re in town, be sure to stop by Nora Mill General Store and take a look at all of the great new items they are selling. It’s a truly awesome store and perfect for finding “southern” gifts and home goods. Many local, handmade products are available there, too. While you’re there, give the chickens some love — take a photo of yourself posing with one of the chickens and share it with me on Facebook. It would be SUCH a thrill!

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.Woodland Ramble Festival in October 2016 at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Gainesville, Georgia. Photo by S.R. Williams


Woodland Ramble Festival – May 6, 2017

I had so much fun doing the Woodland Ramble Festival last October at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Georgia, that I have signed up to do their spring Woodland Ramble on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The Gardens are so lovely during the spring while flowers are in bloom, and the temperatures are usually very mild. This makes it a perfect place for festival-goers who can enjoy a leisurely walk through the gardens, and then take a turn through the festival venue where artisans will have their items on display. Food vendors like Big C’s Chicago Pizza, Tex’s Tacos, and King of Pops will be on hand to provide snacks, lunches and baked goods. The food is yummy, and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Southern Baked Pie. Their buttermilk pie is my favorite!

Come out for a day of fun, and be sure to stop by my booth. Let me know who you are, and I’ll have a surprise waiting for you!

Until next time! ~ Susan





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